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It was great to have @KateForbesMSP at our Skye, Lochalsh & South West Ross Community Hospital to see the progress on site. Construction began in August 2019 and will provide the island community a modern health facility.

Fri, 14 August 2020 13:15

We are well positioned to capitalise on growing infrastructure markets in the UK, US and Hong Kong #BBYHY20

Wed, 12 August 2020 09:14

We have a record order book, up over 20% at £17.5bn following the Government’s approval of #HS2 #BBYHY20 #stock

Wed, 12 August 2020 09:13

We have the strongest balance sheet in the sector: average net cash up at £507m #BBYHY20 #stock

Wed, 12 August 2020 09:13

The first half of 2020 has been dominated by the onset of #COVID19 and with it, two priorities: managing through the most extraordinary trading conditions and maintaining our strengths as a Group #BBYHY20

Wed, 12 August 2020 09:12

Our Build to Last disciplines of the last five years provided strength through the pandemic – as did our investments in systems, processes and leadership. #BBYHY20

Wed, 12 August 2020 09:10