Specialist Techniques

To complete both temporary or permanent works where large, traditional piling machinery cannot access or to enable faster construction, our range of specialist ground engineering techniques are available across the UK.

Limited access – mini piling

Where sites are complicated by limited access restrictions our fleet of specialised mini and micro pile rigs enables us to offer a wide range of techniques. We can offer viable solutions on even the most restricted sites.

We can deploy piling rigs capable of fitting through doorways, being lifted on to site or use lightweight rigs where weight restrictions apply. We have also developed special short masts for our larger rigs, allowing piles up to 600mm diameter to be installed when working next to railway lines during normal hours.

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Drilled Minipiles PDF
Mini Bored Cast In Situ PDF
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Self Drill Micro Piles PDF


Ground anchors

We offer a range of soil and rock anchorage solutions using small scale rigs capable of installation angles varying from vertical to sub-horizontal. They can be installed by a variety of boring and drilling methods to suit the ground conditions usually utilising site batched grout.

Used in both temporary and permanent works, pressure and post grouted systems can be used to enhance capacity, with corrosion protection included as well as the option to post tension the anchor to achieve the required loadings.

View our data sheet below:

Ground Anchorages

Plunge columns

Key to realising reduced construction programmes through top-down construction, plunge columns are installed into rotary bored piles to allow for the excavation of basement structures at the same time as above-ground construction works continue.

With column sizes from 350mm to 650mm square, plunge columns can be used within a range of rotary bored pile diameters with varying depths and the flexibility to independently position each column (within the restrictions of the rotary pile) to achieve high levels of positional accuracy.

View our technical data sheet below:

Plunge Columns

Slipform trench wall construction

If you require a temporary or permanent concrete trench wall over c. 400 linear metres long, our slipform trench wall construction technique offers many benefits over traditional approaches that cast concrete between formwork and an embankment.

Using precision slipform machinery to construct the wall, the amount of embodied carbon is reduced as the amount of concrete required is tightly controlled. This technique also improves the quality of construction, reduces safety risks by removing workers from the immediate vicinity of where the concrete is being poured and, by using semi-automated machinery, speed of construction is improved.