Our Code of Ethics - Doing the Right Thing

Every day we are trusted by customers, business partners and the communities we work with and for, to do the right thing, make a difference and to behave responsibly.

That includes treating each other fairly, respecting our business partners and caring for our communities – leaving a legacy we can be proud of. It also means being transparent and acting with integrity.

Underpinned by the Values and Behaviours in our Cultural Framework, our Code of Ethics sets out clearly the principles that should guide us in our everyday decision-making to ensure that we all do the right thing.

It is there to support us all in the decisions we make, empowering us to hold each other accountable and challenge when we feel our standards are being undermined or our reputation put at risk.

The Code applies everywhere, every day to everyone who works with and for us. It tells others what they can expect of and from us – the standards we set ourselves in being “Trusted” and how we ensure that our decisions and actions are consistent with our Values.

Each of us has a personal and collective responsibility to make sure our business is worthy of the trust others place in us.