We partner with our customers to enhance roads, from strategic networks to those serving local communities. Together, we design, construct, operate, manage, renew and maintain infrastructure assets. Our collaborative approach creates a better transportation system for everyone.

We're constantly pushing the boundaries in highways construction and maintenance, driven by our commitment to improving quality, safety, and productivity. Our passion is reflected in the diverse projects we undertake. From the £31 million Regent Street Flyover project, procured through traditional methods, to the intricate Design Build Finance Operate (DBFO) projects like the £6.2 billion M25 Motorway Widening and Improvements scheme, our goals are clear: to increase capacity, enhance safety and to make a positive difference in people's lives and the environment through our work.

We provide safe, sustainable and efficient design and construction, optimising the use of modern methods of construction, that focus on the needs of the road-users and those living and working in the surrounding communities. Our dedication extends beyond construction itself – we are committed to creating social value and promoting biodiversity on all our projects. By reducing carbon emissions, we actively contribute to a greener future, in line with Balfour Beatty's Sustainability Strategy, Building New Futures


Exceeding social value targets on the A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet junction

On the A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet junction scheme, we are carrying out vital road improvement works to increase capacity and support economic development in the local community. Hear how our experts exceeded their social value targets, increasing them from £12m to over £36m on this project and how this resulted in a National Highways Industry Award. #BuildingNewFutures #ExpertEngineers #Highways


Improving safety on the motorway through the Automatic Cone Laying Machine

We are the first construction company in the UK to successfully rollout Automated Cone Laying Machines – a new pioneering technology that will raise the bar for road safety across the country.


Reducing carbon emissions from our site compounds

At the A63 Castle Street improvement scheme, we designed our site compound with carbon reduction in mind, helping us to reduce carbon emissions by 91% compared to our baseline. In this video, our experts showcase some of the measures we’ve introduced. #BuildingNewFutures #ExpertEngineers #Highways #BalfourBeatty #Infrastructure


Increasing the resilience of the Leeds Inner Ring Road

We have successfully completed our Regent Street Flyover project, replacing the dated and deteriorating infrastructure with a new structure with an expected lifespan of 120 years. To help ensure the safe and smooth delivery of the project, we utilised a range of digital tools to improve project delivery including laser scanning, AutoCAD and 4D animation. Our team generated an impressive £10.8m of social value providing job opportunities to over 26 local people and delivering 200+ hours of volunteering in the local community. Delivered for Leeds City Council via the SCAPE Civil Engineering framework, this scheme will support ongoing business growth, new investment and reduce traffic within the Leeds city centre for years to come. #BuildingNewFutures #TeamSCAPE #LeedsCityCouncil


Delivering social value on the A19 Norton to Wynyard scheme

Over the past year we’ve delivered £12 million of social value, working with charities, local businesses, supply chain partners and schools on a wide range of community initiatives held in Teesside. The newly constructed 198,770 square metres of road between Norton and Wynyard junctions will transform travel in the North-East, ensuring quicker and more reliable journeys for road-users, as well as providing a long-lasting legacy for the Tees region.


How do you power an excavator without fossil fuels?

Our team working on National Highways #A63CastleStreet scheme showcase how we’re using renewable energy to power excavators and reduce our carbon footprint as we seek to go beyond net zero carbon by 2040. #BuildingNewFutures


How do you uncover a city’s hidden past?

Working closely with expert archaeologists, we’re excavating the 19th century Trinity burial ground on the A63 Castle Street scheme. Once analysed, the bodies will be relocated within the ground to make way for the Mytongate roundabout upgrades, which will help ease congestion and improve transportation in the area. #ExpertEngineers #A63CastleStreet

On the Strategic Road Network, we deliver large complex enhancement schemes such as motorways, bypasses and junction improvements. Our team of civil engineering experts is skilled in designing and constructing new roads, tunnels, and structures. We carefully consider factors like the environment, funding, existing infrastructure and construction time to create the best solutions possible to improve the road network and make travel smoother for everyone.

Our work for local authorities includes capacity and safety improvements, new roads that open-up land for economic development as well as, through our Balfour Beatty Living Places business, highways maintenance, CCTV, street lighting and public spaces projects.

Across both local and national road networks, we also deliver highways services including asset renewals, roadside technology, operations and maintenance.

A selection of our projects