Affinity Networks

Affinity networks

Our Affinity Networks

To help us build understanding in all areas of diversity and inclusion, and to make meaningful change in the medium to long term, we have affinity groups in the UK and US and employee led networks in Hong Kong.

These groups help us formulate action plans for us to take forward and promote a more inclusive workplace that enables innovation, understanding and harmony.

Our UK Affinity and Allies Networks are:

  • LGBTQ+
  • Multi-cultural
  • Ability
  • Gender 
  • Neurodiversity 

Alongside our:

  • Mulberry and Allies Network, supporting ex-armed forces in the business

In the US, our Affinity Groups are:

  • Building PRIDE
  • Connecting Women
  • Network of Black Leaders and Executives (NOBLE)
  • Reinforcing, Educating and Guiding Asian Leaders (REGAL)
  • Somos – representing colleagues with Hispanic and Latin origins

And in Hong Kong, our employee focussed networks are:

  • Women in Gammon
  • Allies Network
  • Multicultural Affinity Group