My Contribution

Engaging our employees and their ideas to bring about positive business change.

Our employees are our experts. They have fresh and insightful ideas about how things could be done better or more efficiently. Through our My Contribution programme for employee led business change, winner of 'Best Use of Voice of the Employee' award at the 2023 Engage awards, we tap into this rich seam of creative thinking from people who understand our business better than anyone and want to make a meaningful contribution. 

My Contribution encourages and empowers everyone to be an innovator and for innovation to take place across every part of our business. 

It has played a key role in helping Balfour Beatty go from strength to strength since it was launched in 2015. It has proven its value time and time again, and through focused campaigns on strategic topics such as safety, ‘bouncing back’ from the COVID-19 pandemic and sustainability our workforce use My Contribution to share ideas to ensure that Balfour Beatty is able to innovate and adapt to new ways of working.

We're building a better business from the inside out, by engaging the people who know best - our employees.

Leo Quinn, Group Chief Executive

Ideas drive change

My Contribution enables us to harness the enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise of our employees. It provides an open channel for real-time collaboration, which crosses over functions, business units and geographic locations, bringing together experts from across our business to crowd-source ideas, innovate and problem solve.

Most importantly, My Contribution delivers a clear message that each and every one of our employees can drive change and deliver benefits for our stakeholders. My Contribution allows creative thinking to flourish and helps ensure our workforce is invested in driving our business forward.

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