Our Golden Rules

Our Golden Rules

Balfour Beatty requires that its employees always follow four safety rules.

We believe that if these simple steps are followed at all times, the chance of a preventable incident is eliminated. Here's how they work.

1. Be fit for work

Advise your Supervisor/ Manager prior to starting work if you have any health issues (mind and body) which mean you are unfit to work.

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2. Always receive a briefing before starting work

Only start work once you have been briefed and fully understand the task, associated risks, controls and rules. Follow all rules.

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3. Report all unsafe events and conditions

Take care of yourself and others at all times, positively intervening when something is not safe or correct.

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4. Stop work if anything changes

Ensure that work stops and the Supervisors/Manager is informed when there are changes to the planned safe system of work, or if you are concerned that the activities are unsafe.

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