Our Sustainability Strategy – Building New Futures

Making the right choices today, to shape a better tomorrow

‘Sustainable’ is one of our five core values. It is integral to how we’re Building New Futures for Balfour Beatty, our industry, communities, the environment, and for all our stakeholders.

Building on our progress since we launched our first Building New Futures Sustainability Strategy in 2020, the latest evolution of our Sustainability Strategy incorporates an expanded range of focus areas, ensuring we are taking a holistic approach to sustainability and addressing interconnected challenges and opportunities. These focus areas encompass climate changenature positiveresource efficiencysupply chain integritycommunity engagement and employee diversity equity & inclusion.

Given our international footprint, our ‘Think Global, Act Local’ approach combines our ambitious but attainable Group-wide commitments and targets with UK and US specific targets, which are supported by detailed business specific action plans.

As we get to work on delivering on our sustainability commitments and targets, we know that we are operating in a dynamic environment and that success will require us to be adaptable and innovative.

Through the actions we take, and the transformative infrastructure we deliver and support, Balfour Beatty is committed to playing its part in the transition to a greener, fairer economy.

Our Sustainability Strategy