Gender Pay Gap

Since April 2017, companies employing over 250 individuals have been obligated under the Gender Pay Gap Regulations, to annually disclose information regarding their gender pay disparity.

The gender pay gap is a representation of the gender balance within an organisation and calculates the average earnings difference between male and female employees, regardless of their role or seniority. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is responsible for enforcing these regulations, and all submitted data is publicly accessible on the UK Government website to promote economy-wide transparency and encourage improvement.

Balfour Beatty supports the Government’s efforts to raise awareness about this important issue. We take transparency around our gender pay gap seriously and see it as an important part of maintaining momentum. Our approach is to continue to take targeted action to become a truly inclusive business, guided by our D&I strategy and our Value Everyone action plan. Balfour Beatty makes no distinction on any grounds of gender, race, sexuality or religious beliefs. We are confident that we pay employees fairly for the roles they undertake. We always recruit the best person for the role, regardless of gender and our robust controls help to ensure that all pay and reward decisions are based on fairness and consistency.

Download our 2022 Gender Pay Report here