Speak Up Helpline

Every situation is different and no Code, policy or standard can cover everything. We all need to exercise good judgment and common sense in deciding the right actions to take when making decisions in line with our Code of Ethics.

We understand that sometimes doing the right thing is easier said than done. There are times when we need guidance to give us confidence that we are making the right choices. If you are ever in any doubt or unsure about a situation, employees, partners and third parties can use our confidential Speak Up helpline to raise concerns about unethical behaviour.

You can access the helpline by visiting the Speak Up helpline website, calling 0800 028 0822 from the UK, or 1 866 840 3940 from the US. If you are dialling from outside the UK or US, please see the Speak Up helpline website for additional instructions.

Raising a concern takes courage and worrying about how friends or colleagues might react holds us back. But we are here to support you with doing the right thing and Balfour Beatty will not tolerate retaliation against individuals who report a problem or assist an investigation.