Track Supplies

Balfour Beatty supplies a wide range of components for use in rail construction and maintenance. 

For more information or to place an order please email us or call 0114 241 5000. 

Balfour Beatty offers a wide range of overhead line and traction power equipment. We supply fully traceable new materials and spares to rail, tram and metro operators in the UK and internationally. Our services include:  

  • Supply of our own electrification steelwork products designed in-house 
  • Sourcing and supply of third-party products 
  • In-house manufacturing for fabricated steelwork 

We rely on our own state-of-the-art computerised material control system (MCS) to supply our expert electrification equipment. Our dedicated team meticulously oversees every step of the process, from design allocation and purchasing approvals to thorough inspections, seamless integration into construction, and proper management of surplus items. We take pride in procuring and inspecting materials with utmost attention to detail, ensuring the complete traceability of each and every item. 

We excel at developing consignment stock proposals to meet urgent demands and deadlines for maintenance and project works. 

Balfour Beatty supplies a wide range of railway sleepers and timbers for use in all rail infrastructure applications. 

We provide hardwood, softwood, concrete and steel sleepers for mainline and sidings installations. We also stock new and serviceable hardwood and softwood timbers in varying lengths for use in switches and crossings (S&C). 

Different types of timber treatment are available, including creosoted and green treated AC500. We also offer other grades of wooden sleepers for use in silo bays, roadways and landscaping purposes. 

Our cutting service delivers non-standard size railway sleepers where necessary, such as in narrow gauge and light railway environments or in general landscaping projects. 

Serviceable materials  

We provide cost effective, high quality serviceable components solutions for all industrial applications, including sidings and depots. 

Our stock includes: 

  • 95R BH rail 
  • 98/109/110/113lb FB rail 
  • Wooden sleepers 
  • Concrete sleepers 
  • Crossing timbers 
  • Switches and crossings 
  • Check rails 
  • Castings (chairs, baseplates, blocks) 
  • P-way smalls such as clips, chairscrews, keys, fishplates 
  • Buffer stops 

We supply a range of new and serviceable rail sections, available at short notice. 

Our selection of rail sections includes: 

  • Crane rails 
  • Light to medium section flat bottom rails 
  • Heavy duty track rails 

We stock sections ranging from 9kg/m up to 150 kg/m, including all the most commonly used British and European rails. 

We offer a flexible service and our in-house workshop facilities cater for all bespoke cutting and drilling requirements. 

We also offer a number of serviceable heavy rail sections, both Flat Bottom and Bullhead, alongside a range of quality components, including concrete sleepers, p-way casting, buffer stops and much more.  

We provide newly manufactured turnouts and a variety of pre-assembled switches and crossings. 

Our new and serviceable components can be used across rail infrastructure, including industrial sidings, train care depots, freight terminals and port authority installations. 

Our expert teams deliver site inspections and measuring services to provide the correct components and units. For efficient installation, we offer a proof-laying service for turnouts and crossovers, which can be built and marked up for inspection before they are delivered to site. 

We supply a full range of permanent way components and track smalls, available from stock at short notice. 

We stock a wide range of common fastenings and fixings used in across railway network. Our materials can also be used in other private and industrial locations such as depots, sidings, train care depots, preservation societies and port authorities. All new components are Network Rail compliant and conform to the latest standards and specifications. 

We also offer a wide range of serviceable components where a more cost effective solution is required. 

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