Engineering & Design

We create the best solution for each project, working closely with our customers and wider stakeholder groups to manage geotechnical risk to develop efficient, buildable designs that are successfully delivered on-site.  This includes the design of the foundation solution as well as the design and modification of tooling and equipment to build it. 

Balancing structural, cost, time and sustainability requirements, we identify and develop the best geotechnical solutions. Detailing the tooling, plant and pile specifications required to meet project specifications, we identify and deliver efficiencies to both the piling works and the overall construction programme.

As our detailed designs move into construction, we draw on our experience of mobilising hundreds of projects to make sure we make a great start on site. As works progress, our engineers support the smooth delivery of the project, providing technical input as required as well as providing the required calculations and construction design information.

The key to developing the correct foundation solution is to understand the geotechnical risks and then design a solution to mitigate these risks.

Our diverse geotechnical team of designers and technicians includes a board range of experience from graduates to seniors and managers as well as charted professionals. The team members have extensive experience in designing piled solutions across all parts of the UK and utilise a library of test pile data with of twenty years of information to manage the geotechnical risk. This data gives invaluable information about the ground conditions, design risks and pile performance in the geographical location

The Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering geotechnical team has extensive experience in designing and delivering innovative and compliant permanent and temporary foundation solutions. This includes all types of ground improvement solutions, load bearing piles and retaining walls.

Our mechanical design team develops bespoke tooling and equipment which can be manufactured in the Balfour Beatty plant yard. The helps drive efficiency and improvement to solutions available.

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