Track Solutions

Our trusted experts provide track solutions for mainline, high-speed, light rail and metro systems to deliver a smooth and efficient rail service. 

Dedicated to adding value to our customers’ projects, we offer a comprehensive range of services. This includes civil engineering design, new track construction, track renewal, track maintenance, optimisation of existing track alignment and the manufacturing of switch and crossing (S&C) units.  

At the heart of our approach is meticulous stage-by-stage planning that guides us from early concept through to detailed design.

Involvement in the earliest stages of a project minimises delays, reduces additional costs and ensures designs are compatible with the operational railway from the start of the project.

Working with various design systems, we deliver:

  • Plain line renewals  
  • Gauging analysis using ClearRoute 
  • Rail connections  
  • Rail lifting and slewing  
  • S&C renewals / abandonments  
  • Track removal / reinstatement associated with bridge renewal schemes  
  • Track alignments and gauging works associated with platform refurbishments and extensions  
  • Track enhancements  
  • Track renewals using the high output track relaying system 

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