Balvac - Structural repair, strengthening, protection and refurbishment

Specialist structural repair and maintenance

As a trusted expert, Balvac sustainably extends the life of our nation’s infrastructure. We deliver innovative structural repair, strengthening, protection and maintenance solutions  to return our customers assets to full capacity and extend their working life.

We deliver highway infrastructure services to National Highways and local authorities, including structural concrete repair, corrosion protection, bridge strengthening, bearing replacement and concrete carriageway rehabilitation. We take these and other specialist services into various other sectors, including rail, marine, coastal, power, industrial and commercial.

Balvac also undertakes structural health monitoring, diagnostic testing and survey services, noise vibration, air quality monitoring and pile testing.

We focus on the needs of our customers to deliver technically excellent and innovative repair and maintenance solutions with our own highly skilled resources and dedicated supply chain on projects typically ranging from £100k to £10M.

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Balvac - the structural repair specialists

For over 85 years, Balvac has been delivering innovative strengthening, protection and maintenance solutions to sustainably extend the life of our nation's infrastructure. Find out more about Balvac’s capabilities and their innovative approach to carry out critical concrete repair and impressed current cathodic protection works to the M60 Palatine Road Bridge project in Manchester. #ExpertEngineers

Our full list of services

Concrete repair and protection

Balvac undertakes all types of concrete repair and protection works to civil and building structures. In addition, Balvac can offer a full condition survey and diagnostic testing service.

  • Hand placed concrete repairs
  • Dry and wet spray concrete
  • Flow-able concrete repairs
  • Hand and spray applied protective coatings and corrosion inhibitors
  • Hydro-demolition

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Concrete repair on the Silver Jubilee Bridge

Cathodic protection / corrosion prevention

Balvac has installed CP systems on highway infrastructure, commercial and retail buildings, multi storey car parks and marine structures. In addition, we can offer our customers a complete Cathodic Protection design and installation service.

  • Sacrificial anode systems
  • Hybrid anode systems
  • Impressed current cathodic protection systems

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Cathodic Protection

Vacuum assisted resin injection

Balvac originally patented the vacuum assisted resin injection processes used today, and continues to offer these specialist concrete remediation techniques to various asset owners.

  • Structural and protective crack injection
  • Vacuum-assisted resin injection of cracks, voids and de-laminations in concrete
  • Vacuum void grouting of concrete pavement slabs
  • Pavement slab lifting and grouting

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Vacuum Resin Injection

Leak sealing and grouting

Balvac can provide water-stopping and water management services to many assets; road and rail tunnels, service tunnels, shafts, basements and water retaining concrete structures.

  • Injection of fast reacting hydrophilic and hydrophobic resin materials
  • Water control and management
  • Consolidation grouting using cementitious or resin-based grouts

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Leak sealing a rail tunnel

Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) strengthening

Balvac can offer specialist strengthening techniques using glass fibre, carbon fibre and aramid materials to repair or enhance the capacity of many civil and building assets, including bridge decks, bridge or building columns, suspended floors and adapted/modified structures. We can also offer a complete design and installation service.

  • 'Pultruded' plates
  • Fabric materials
  • Ultra High Modulus (UHM) bespoke plate solutions

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Concrete reinforcement

Post tensioning

Balvac provide a full post tensioning design, supply, installation and maintenance service for a wide range of structures. These include bridges, multi-storey buildings and circular tanks. We also undertake the monitoring, testing and replacement of tendons within existing structures such as nuclear power station reactor buildings.

We work on both bonded tendon and un-bonded tendon installations and our works are externally audited through our CARES accreditation.

Our experienced engineers also provide preliminary design and budget pricing for schemes at early planning stages.

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Pile testing, structural monitoring, noise and vibration monitoring and diagnostic testing

Balvac also provide a range of specialist testing and analysis services including pile testing, structural monitoring, noise and vibration monitoring and diagnostic testing. For more information click here.


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