Re-using pallets for circular economy

In 2023, our Canvey Island Flood Defence project trialled an award-winning circular economy pallet reuse scheme, The Pallet LOOP. This scheme was founded by the UK pallet industry to help reduce the amount of construction waste generated on-site.   

The Pallet LOOP recovers, repairs and reuses pallets through a dedicated collection service that picks up pallets from across the UK in as little as 72 hours. After being checked and repaired at the collection hubs, The Pallet LOOP’s green pallets are then reissued to start the loop again. The Pallet LOOP pays £4 for every green pallet returned and £2 for white or single-use pallets or broken green pallets.  

All of the pallets provided are made from 100% FSC-certified wood and have an ISO 14040 compliant life cycle analysis as well as benefitting from a standardised design that makes them safer to lift and stack. 

By using The Pallet LOOP on our Canvey Island Flood Defence project, we avoided £825.73 in disposal costs and enabled these pallets to be recirculated for use on other sites. 

As a result of this successful trial, Balfour Beatty has partnered with The Pallet LOOP and looking to deploy this initiative across our UK sites.