Beating our recycling goals at Carlyle Crossing

At the outset of the US$300 million Carlyle Crossing project in Alexandria, Virginia, our joint venture team set a goal of recycling at least 75% of project waste as well as reducing the construction carbon footprint of the 982,000 square-foot mixed-use facility.

To achieve this required meticulous tracking of waste in both pre- and post-consumer material and a diligent approach to on-site cleanliness and housekeeping to limit the amount of waste inadvertently produced. This, along with other measures, helped us to exceed our recycling goal with 81% of construction waste diverted from landfill and the project on track to become LEED® Gold certified.

In addition to reducing and recycling construction and demolition waste, we focussed on sourcing materials locally to reduce vehicle emissions and support the local economy.