Mates in Mind

At Balfour Beatty, we are proud to continue our support for Mates in Mind, an initiative that focuses on raising awareness of mental health in the UK construction industry.

Mates in Mind, working alongside the Health in Construction Leadership Group, offers a flexible and united approach to tackle the silence and stigma surrounding mental health, both in society and specifically within construction.

Ensuring a consistent industry-wide approach to tackling the stigma around mental health, following the launch of Mates in Mind in 2017, Balfour Beatty has trained c.600 mental health first aiders across the UK and delivered 10,000 ‘Start the Conversation’ sessions to increase the awareness of the impact of poor mental health, give people the confidence to speak up and to signpost individuals to the support available. 

To further support our mental health first aiders, we have introduced Listen, Support, Signpost training. This training equips them with valuable skills through real-life case studies and practical exercises.

By actively participating in Mates in Mind, we strive to foster a culture where mental health is openly discussed and supported. Together, we aim to create a workplace where every individual feels safe, valued, and equipped with the resources they need to maintain positive mental well-being.

Visit the Mates in Mind website for more information.