SCAPE Civil Engineering Frameworks

Together, Balfour Beatty and SCAPE deliver projects at the heart of local communities and critical national infrastructure via rapid access civil engineering frameworks.  Since the start of our partnership in 2015, we have added over £400 million of social value to local communities and economies through projects procured via SCAPE’s Civil Engineering frameworks  

From roads to rail, flood and coastal, as well as broadband and electric vehicle infrastructure we apply our experience and resource to successfully deliver a wide range of civil engineering projects. We are committed to making a positive and sustainable impact in every community we serve. 

At Balfour Beatty, we're more than just a partner - we integrate the expertise of our customers, designers, and supply chain partners right from the start. Together, we develop a shared understanding of the project's vision and success criteria. Our collaborative approach ensures the best decisions are made, from validating business cases to securing funding and meeting planning requirements. Working as a team, we pave the way for successful project outcomes. 

As your project evolves, our expert engineers and supply chain partners proactively identify and manage risks. Working closely with designers and architects, we ensure that the solution is constructed safely, efficiently, and tailored to your community's needs.  

As we move forward into the construction phase, our common understanding of a project minimises the need for changes, allowing us to deliver value for money solutions with full transparency ensured through our open-book contracts. Delivering Right First Time, we use the latest technologies and modern methods of construction with a performance managed suite of KPIs regularly audited to keep us on track.  

Our team of local social value and environmental experts supports the delivery of each project from the outset, ensuring a positive, sustainable impact in every community we serve as we meet the needs of local stakeholders and progress towards our own ambitions to go Beyond Net Zero Carbon, Generate Zero Waste and Positively Impact More than 1 Million People by 2040. 

The Civil Engineering framework suite features two unique, rapid access frameworks: 

  • SCAPE Civil Engineering which operates across England, Wales and Northern Ireland 
  • SCAPE Scotland Engineering which is a dedicated framework for Scotland  

To realise the benefits of the frameworks on your next civil engineering project, contact: 

Or visit to find your local SCAPE representatives. 

SCAPE provide a responsible procurement experience for non-public procuring bodies that delivers speed, value for money, inclusive social value and performance management. 

SCAPE’s privately funded frameworks provide a simple, compliant procurement route that delivers projects with precision and efficiency providing you with time, cost and quality assurance and inclusive social value from day one. 

Operating across the UK, we assist local authority owned private companies, developers working in partnership with local authorities, charitable bodies and any joint venture or special purpose vehicles for the delivery of developments and projects.  

To realise the benefits of the SCAPE frameworks on your next project, visit to find your local team.