Supporting our supply chain partners

The Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) is a valuable resource that provides learning opportunities for individuals and organisations seeking to deepen their understanding of environmental, social, and economic sustainability practices.  

As a partner to the Supply Chain Sustainability School, we recognise how the School helps drive change across our industry as well as sharing best practice and upskilling our employees and supply chain partners on a range of key topics such as carbon management and modern slavery.   

Throughout 2023, our employees and supply chain partners made extensive use of the School participating in over 4,000 workshops and completing over 12,500 e-learning modules across 17 sustainability-linked topics. Reflecting our commitment to sustainability throughout our operations, in 2023 80% of our supply chain spend was with members of the SCSS. 

In 2023, we also made changes to our Construction Line pre-qualification process to ensure all supply chain partners have a modern slavery statement by December 2024. We developed an easy and informative tool to carry out modern slavery audits with our suppliers at their premises, enabling them to either update or create their own Modern Slavery Statement.  

We provided training for our procurement team on how to conduct modern slavery audits and used the audit report to signposts suppliers to the free information and resources available within the Supply Chain Sustainability School. You can find out more about the Supply Chain Sustainability School at