Reducing carbon emissions from our project facilities

In 2022 we mandated the use of our industry first sustainable EcoSense cabins and our EcoNet energy management technology and have now deployed over 600 EcoSense cabins across the UK.  

We deployed a further 354 EcoSense cabins across the UK in 2023 with 69 of them equipped with EcoNet technology. The use of the state-of-the-art EcoNet technology has provided an estimated energy saving of 1,290 MWh. 

Our EcoSense cabins boast a range of sustainable applications and components including occupier-activated extractor fan sensors and lower kilowatt heaters with built-in self-regulating digital thermostats. These cabins will also reduce carbon emissions on site by up to 30%. They also have integrated disability and neurodiverse features, including wider corridors for wheelchair users, coloured plug sockets and switches to assist individuals who are visually impaired and tri-coloured LED lighting for those who are hyper-sensitive to bright light, helping to create a more inclusive environment.  

On our larger projects, where four or more EcoSense cabins are being used, we deploy our EcoNet energy management technology. EcoNet works by controlling the energy output from essential appliances, automatically powering them down when they are not in use to help us reduce our energy consumption and related carbon emissions. 

When combined, EcoNet and EcoSense will deliver an additional 4,000 to 5,000 tonnes of CO2 savings annually.