Low-carbon concrete

Low-carbon concrete

The production of concrete, which construction relies so heavily on, causes high levels of CO2 output and up to 8% of global carbon emissions. Finding alternatives to standard concrete is one of the key challenges for the construction and infrastructure industry.

We have been working with Queen’s University, Belfast and Innovate UK since 2018 on a project to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of ultra-high performance geopolymer (low-carbon) concrete and the circular economy of concrete in a project funded by Innovate UK’s ICURe programme.

This is part of trailblazing research being undertaken by researcher Roisin Hyde into a low-carbon concrete substitute made from up to 96% waste materials from mining, quarrying, metallurgy, water purification, incineration and agriculture. The aim is to recycle materials local to the sites where construction is being undertaken to reduce reliance on virgin raw materials.

As the main contractor to the project, we have produced prototypes of geopolymer which will be on display at COP26.

Our aim is to showcase the potential of this innovative new material; we'll share more details of the project and the prototypes nearer COP26.