Public spaces

Public spaces

The way we live our lives is changing fast: where and how we live, work, travel, shop, relax and socialise.

The evolving nature of our society means we need to shape the environment to meet a complex array of individual and collective needs.

Wherever investment in these environments is needed, Balfour Beatty Living Places works in partnership with Local Authorities to consult, finance, design, build and manage the essential infrastructure that local communities and national economies need to prosper and grow.

We are right at the heart of a dynamic ‘place shaping’ agenda that brings local authorities, local communities, central government, and the private sector together. We create safe, sustainable, flexible and dynamic public spaces geared to community social need, economic growth and personal well-being as well as being environmentally sustainable.

The provision of maintenance services for highways is only a small part of what is really needed. Our focus has moved beyond the ‘road’ to deliver the potential of the ‘street’: a dynamic public place that connects and combines local community and business needs, encourages social interaction and helps pedestrians, motorists, bus riders, and cyclists to coexist safely. Building great public spaces with resource efficient assets enables functional, flexible and inspirational places to be at the heart of the community.