Privacy Statement – Data Subject Requests (UK/EU)

Balfour Beatty Plc and its group affiliates (“Balfour Beatty”, “we”, “our”) will always process personal data relating to you which we handle in response to your Data Subject Request (“DSR”) made pursuant to the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (“DPA”), the Irish Data Protection Act 2018 or EU General Data Protection Regulation 206/679 (“GDPR”) in accordance with the following policies: i) for employees: the Balfour Beatty Employee Privacy Notice (which you can find here) and ii) for non-employees: the Balfour Beatty Corporate Privacy Notice (which you can find here).

Data protection or privacy right requests governed by laws outside of either the EU or UK will be managed by the relevant in-country Balfour Beatty group affiliate for the territory and jurisdiction under which the request is made in accordance with the applicable local law and may be subject to separate privacy statements as made available by such group affiliates.

In addition to Balfour Beatty’s privacy notices, we want to make you aware that we will process your personal data relating to your DSR for the purpose of fulfilling your DSR. The information we process may be considered “special category” (under the UK DPA , Irish DPA, and GDPR) and Balfour Beatty will do so as far as it is necessary for Balfour Beatty to meet its obligations under law. Your personal data will only be processed by Balfour Beatty authorised individuals. We may also use the personal data we handle or observe in fulfilling your DSR for bringing or defending any legal claims or to aid in any law enforcement investigation (where we are legally obliged to assist).

Where necessary, Balfour Beatty may transfer your personal data, in relation to your DSR, to approved external legal advisors, investigative authorities, DSR management technology providers and/or redaction service providers in order to assist Balfour Beatty respond to your DSR.

Balfour Beatty will store the personal data collated in response to your DSR (except in relation to valid erasure requests) and data evidencing our compliance with your DSR securely and will maintain these records for one (1) year. We may keep personal data for longer, if required, for defending any legal claims or to aid in any law enforcement investigation (where we are legally obliged to assist).