Driving the digital journey

9 November 2022


The challenges that exist on the M25 go far beyond roadside safety and traffic management. At Connect Plus Services, the power of new technology has enabled a transformation in the way the motorway is operated and maintained – often in ways never before imagined.

In the latest edition of Highways Magazine, Connect Plus Services’ Asset and Project Delivery Director, Louise Haining shares her thoughts on how Connect Plus Services, a consortium comprising Edge Orbital Holdings Ltd, Balfour Beatty and Egis Investment Partners, is putting in place innovative solutions to meet its strategic objectives and ensure the UK’s busiest motorway is safe and fit for purpose.

One of the most ground-breaking digital initiatives completed is the digital twin of the M25. The technology produces highly accurate geo-referenced 2D and 3D outputs, providing over 23 billion data points in the process. The digital mapping of 120 miles of road provides Connect Plus Services with more detailed information to aid planning and decision-making, ultimately reducing the need for physical surveys to be carried out in a live highways environment and therefore, improving safety too.

To learn more about the digital twin and other ways in which Connect Plus Services are innovating on the M25, read the full article here.

Louise Haining, Connect Plus Services Asset and Project Delivery Director