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Balfour Beatty publishes 2023 Gender Pay Report

28 March 2024


Balfour Beatty has today published its 2023 Gender Pay Report.

The statutory report – an annual publication for employers with 250 or more employees – analyses the difference between the average pay of male and female colleagues across all roles, and the percentage of male and female employees across Balfour Beatty’s business in the UK.

Balfour Beatty’s UK gender pay gap mirrors the national picture, showing gradual reductions in the gap over the years, with some fluctuations. In 2023, the company reported a mean gender pay gap of 17% and a median gap of 23%; a decrease on both measures of 1.6% since 2022 and approximately 7% since its first Gender Pay Report in 2018.

Balfour Beatty remains focused on fostering a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. Its strategy is not to address the gender pay gap in isolation but instead to attract more women into the business at every level; support each individual to thrive; and foster a culture that values each individual’s unique contributions.

In 2023, Balfour Beatty refreshed its Value Everyone UK Diversity & Inclusion strategy, reinforcing its commitment to change driven by targeted action. The company has also defined clear targets and has used an informed, data-driven approach which looks at data points including voluntary attrition and the genders and backgrounds of those being hired and promoted.   

Balfour Beaty has committed to a 50% increase on female representation and a 60% increase on minority ethnic and black representation by 2030, against a 2021 baseline. These targets are underpinned by more granular internal targets and action plans.

In addition, the company has maintained its investment in early careers, recruiting around 400 new entrants in 2023, as part of its focus on encouraging women to stay and progress through the organiszation, ultimately reducing the pay gap as they advance into higher-paying positions.

Read Balfour Beatty’s 2023 Gender Pay Report.


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Vivienne Dunn

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