Balfour Beatty Living Places features on BBC South Today discussing the rise in roadworker abuse

27 March 2024


Balfour Beatty Living Places has featured on BBC South Today to discuss the rise in roadworker abuse and what measures the company is putting in place to protect those at risk, including the roll-out of body cameras and increased mobile CCTV to accurately capture and record incidents.

In the interview, Brenton McClean, a Site Supervisor on Balfour Beatty Living Place’s Southampton contract spoke candidly about his experiences whilst at work, which have included racist insults and physical attacks, and how that has impacted him personally.

He said: “I’ve heard people racially abuse me while I’m working and I try to let it go over my head most of the time, but it still hurts me, as it would anyone else”.

Read the BBC's full coverage of roadworker abuse.

Image: Brenton McClean, Site Supervisor speaks to BBC South

Talha Haroun

Media & PR Executive