Balfour Beatty Living Places features in New Civil Engineer discussing the restoration of Grade II listed jetty in Lincoln

30 May 2024


Balfour Beatty Living Places has featured in New Civil Engineer discussing the complex restoration of the Glory Hole Jetty in Lincoln after an underwater inspection of the walkway revealed parts of the old timber and wooden pile structure had deteriorated.

In the interview Alan Renshaw, Highways Agent for Balfour Beatty Living Places and Jonathan Jackson, Dive Supervisor at Northern Divers spoke about the challenges of the complex operation, requiring precision and appreciation for the historic nature of the Grade II listed site.

Alan explained: "What happened was the water had been getting in behind the piles and it’s washed away the ground.

He said there had been an attempt in the past to “try to concrete cap it” and that had “created a void under it where the water has been washing the ground out below the concrete.

“Then all of a sudden it gave in and started to collapse, so it's been shut for a long time.”

Read more about the restoration of the historic jetty here.

Image: The Historical Glory Hole Jetty in Lincoln

Talha Haroun

Media & PR Executive