Balfour Beatty features in New Civil Engineer discussing the use of innovative technology to improve site security

23 May 2024


Balfour Beatty has featured in New Civil Engineer, discussing how the company is using innovative technology to improve site security across the UK.

Theft costs the construction industry £800M each year and 62% of construction workers reported a rise in thefts in 2023 in the UK, according to security company BauWatch.

In an interview with Security Technology Director Andy Chambers, the piece explores how Balfour Beatty is actively combatting these stark statistics, using its “digital fortresses” to protect its widespread range of work sites and compounds and detect and tackle over 150 incidents since 2022.  

“From creating ‘digital walls’ around vast areas, triggering remote-access CCTV drones, to capturing thieves and trespassers in act – we are using technology to better intercept criminals and charge perpetrators”, the Balfour Beatty spokesperson said.

Read the full interview with Andy Chambers here.

Image: Balfour Beatty's Centre of Excellence facility

Thomas Boorman

Media & PR Manager