High standards of governance underpin the culture and strategy of the Group.

The Board has a critical role in shaping a positive culture that supports the Group’s strategic objectives and promotes strong performance that is sustainable over the long-term. Governance practices are continually reviewed and developed to ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements including the UK Corporate Governance Code (Code). 

For the reporting period ended 31 December 2019, the Group has complied with the requirements of the Code. A copy of the Code can be found on the Financial Reporting Council’s website at

Download the Governance section of the 2019 Annual Report and Accounts

COVID-19 update

The Annual Report and Accounts of Balfour Beatty plc for the year ended 31 December 2019 were prepared and approved by the Directors on 10 March 2020, on the basis of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) being held in London on Thursday 14 May 2020 and a final dividend of 4.3p being recommended for approval by shareholders at the AGM. 

In light of the increasing uncertainty relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and the UK Government’s restrictions on individuals’ movements, the Company announced on 27 March 2020 that the AGM and therefore approval of the final dividend would be postponed. Whilst Balfour Beatty benefits from a strong financial position, in light of the market uncertainty arising from COVID-19, the Board will keep the appropriateness of paying the final dividend under review until the rescheduled AGM, with a final decision dependant on the prevailing circumstances at the time. Further information on the rescheduled AGM will be made available here: Financial calendar