Build to Last

Build to Last

When we deliver buildings and infrastructure, we expect them to survive the test of time.

For Balfour Beatty to remain at the forefront of our industry we need to continuously improve efficiency, lead innovation and always operate safely. These are the drivers of value for our customers.

Improved efficiency means smarter working, elimination of waste and creating a lean supply chain to deliver better value for our customers. This allows us to invest in developing our expertise. Having the finest experts allows us to extend what we are capable of building and drives improvements in everything we do; this means our customers can trust us to deliver on all that we promise, including safety. Safety is never compromised. We Build to Last.

Our goals:


Deliver value to our customers by improving operational efficiency and eliminating waste right through the supply chain.

We want to make sure that our customers get the best value for their money; we need to be relentless in driving out unnecessary costs and work with our customers to ensure their money is spent in the best way possible. Providing customers with better value for their money drives our competitiveness and provides Balfour Beatty with the capital to invest back into developing our expertise.


Ensure we have the best engineering, construction, design and project management capabilities.

We deliver world-class buildings and infrastructure for our customers by constantly driving innovation. Our strongest differentiator is our engineering and project management capabilities. Having the best talent supported by the strongest supply chain creates a virtuous circle that ensures we win the best and most exciting projects to deliver.


Be the construction partner of choice for our customers and supply chain by delivering on our promises.

Customers must have confidence in our ability to deliver and to do what we say we will do. A robust risk framework ensures that challenges are mitigated and projects are delivered in the right way. Satisfied customers provide us with the opportunities and projects for the future.


We must ensure the health and safety of everyone who comes into contact with our activities.

Health and safety is at the heart of everything we do – we must protect our employees, our supply chain partners, our customers and the public. Construction is an inherently dangerous business and without the highest standards of safety, we don’t have a licence to operate. A safe and healthy workplace is also happier, more motivated and more efficient.