Painter Brothers

Structural steelwork

Painter Brothers is a leading specialist in structural steel fabrication. 

Our 14-acre site has a wide range of machinery meaning we can manufacture and store almost any type of structural steelwork, including galvanised specialist structural steelwork that requires precision manufacturing.

We have a proven expertise in delivering:

  • Overhead line electrification (OLE) steelwork for the rail industry
  • Callender Hamilton lattice girder bridges
  • Telecommunication masts and towers
  • Overhead line transmission towers
  • Substation equipment support and cable support steelwork.

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Painter Brothers - Our experts 'steel' the show

Painter Brothers is one of the UK’s leading specialists in structural steelwork manufacture. Paul Eaton, Director and General Manager, explains how the in-house team creates quality steel for a variety of markets, including rail, communication networks, and power transmission and distribution. For more information, please visit: Subtitles available.