Off-site benefits

Off-site benefits

Off-site construction methods can have many benefits for projects, including but not limited to: reducing time on site and therefore reducing hot works and working at height, which also improves safety.

Please see below for a full benefits summary.

Project benefits

  • We can design for maintenance early in the process and build in maintenance requirements leading to reduced building running costs.
  • Plan for effective installation by incorporating features into modules and riser such as fire barriers.
  • Our manufacturing will not be held up by site restrictions or adverse weather conditions.
  • 3D CAD with full clash detection reduces on site snagging and improves commissioning.
  • Off-site commission allows us to reduce overall commissioning periods by 20%.
  • Standardisation of specifications can allow for a reduction in complexity and reduced delivery lead-times.

Off-site modular factory

General benefits

  • Reduced programme due to shorter installation period.
  • Reduced labour on site.
  • Reduced skill level requirement on site.
  • Improved quality.
  • More effective use of plant and tools.
  • Reduced plant and tool losses.
  • Improved safety.
  • Reduced hot works and work at height (Reduced fire and fall risks).
  • Better utilisation of materials leads to reduced waste.
  • Reduced site accommodation and on site storage.
  • Earlier access to follow-on trades.

What we offer

  • Cost-neutral installation benefit.
  • Clash detection within 3D, fully coordinated CAD models. (BIM compliant)
  • Manufacturing quality levels to ISO9001.
  • BSEN1090 class-2 – CE marked structural steelwork approved.
  • Multi-disciplined workforce.
  • Key supply chain partnerships.
  • Sustainability focused, high levels of recycling and waste reduction.