Balfour Beatty is a global leader in gauging innovation.

We are experts in assessing the route compatibility of rail vehicles and infrastructure.

We offer a comprehensive gauging and vehicle dynamics service. This ranges from feasibility studies to high accuracy surveys and site validation.

We have developed the industry’s most powerful tools for demonstrating gauging compatibility, through the accepted processes defined in Railway Group Standard GE/RT8273. These processes include:

  • Using standard vehicle gauges
  • Absolute gauging
  • Comparative gauging
  • Hybrid gauging

For more information, see our Gauging Products and Measurement Systems brochure

Gauging services

We provide a service tailored to our customers' needs. Our highly experienced engineers provide:

  • Vehicle introduction and route cascading studies
  • Vehicle modelling in accordance with RIS-2773-RST
  • Clearance management support
  • VAMPIRE modelling and simulation
  • Vehicle swept envelope comparison
  • Gauging project management
  • Structure optioneering
  • Overhead Line Electrification gauging
  • New gauge design
  • Dynamic freight gauging
  • Platform stepping distance analysis
  • On site verification


ClearRoute™ is the market-leading engineering software tool for calculating the clearances between railway vehicles and the infrastructure.

The software defines infrastructure and vehicles, and can provide clearances between infrastructure and dynamic or static vehicles. It also provides passing clearances between a set of vehicles and stepping calculations for platforms.

Benefits of ClearRoute™ include:

  • Static and dynamic gauging for vehicle models compatible with active suspensions (tilting trains) and articulation
  • UIC kinematic gauging
  • Compatible with all forms of data inputs including LaserSweep™
  • Fully compatible with Network Rail and LUL standards
  • Cost-effective alternative to Computer Aided Design approaches to gauging
  • Training course and technical support available

ClearRoute™ was recently updated and improved to offer more flexible levels of functionality and faster operating speeds. ClearRoute™ 2 allows rail engineers to undertake gauging and clearance analysis more effectively than ever, helping to unlock the available space of a historically restrictive railway system without the need for costly infrastructure modifications.

For more information, see our ClearRoute brochure


Our HyperRoute™ gauging software is server-based and allows us to undertake calculations in parallel, allowing us to complete simulation runs in hours rather than days.

Structure Survey Editor

Structure Survey Editor assists surveyors in taking measurements for tunnels, bridges and platforms. This tool lets users view and manipulate profile data before undertaking any design or gauging clearance work. Data can be viewed on site and integrated with other measurements, such as cant and curvature. Measurement points can be edited to correct spurious points caused by lighting, foliage and areas of poor reflectivity.

The benefits of Structure Survey Editor include:

  • A range of viewing and editing tools which support .Sc0/Xml data from an array of measurement devices
  • Inclusion of track geometry measurements such as cant and radius
  • Profiles from a whole structure survey can be viewed and edited together
  • Photographic images of structures can be associated with structure profiles
  • Multiple distance-base settings
  • Low-cost solution with no annual maintenance charges

For more information, see our Structure Survey Editor brochure