Supervisor Passport

When it comes to influencing our Zero Harm performance, Supervisors are the most critical people on site. By living and leading Zero Harm, Supervisors set standards, shape mindsets, and have an enduring influence on their teams, ensuring they all go home safe and well at the end of the day. 

Following the successful launch of the Supervisors Passport
to Balfour Beatty Supervisors in April 2023 we are pleased to announce that we are now introducing the Supervisor Passport in a phased roll-out to members of our supply chain from 7 November. The training (which takes around 15 hours to complete) helps Supervisors get up to speed faster with working on Balfour Beatty sites. It equips colleagues, with the skills they need, reducing the risk of incidents and keeping health and safety our top priority.

This mandatory training programme ensures that our Supervisors are empowered with the right skills and knowledge to get the work done safely – leading their teams, setting standards, and directly influencing our health and safety performance on the ground.

The Supervisor Passport is a two-stage training scheme focuses on key competencies delivered via e-learning modules, hosted on a Balfour Beatty e-learning platform:

Modules 1-5 should be completed before undertaking a Supervisor role on a Balfour  Beatty site:

  1. Initial Training and Assessment 
  2. Zero Harm Induction
  3. Supervisor's Induction (Roles and Responsibilities)
  4. Setting People to Work Safely
  5. People, Vehicles and Plant Interface

Modules 6-12 should be completed within three months of undertaking a Supervisor role on a Balfour Beatty site:

  1. Make Safety Personal – Foundation (Bronze)​​​​​​​
  2. Make Safety Personal – Supervising and Managing (Silver)
  3. Temporary Works 
  4. ​​​​​​Incident Investigation and Reporting
  5. Health Risks in Construction
  6. Mental Health and Wellbeing
  7. Environment and Sustainability


Note: If you have any technical queries or require additional guidance / support or have any feedback relating to MSite, Site Apps or the Supervisors Passport / LMS platforms please contact one of our nominated advisors. Contact details are included in the Technical Queries and Support document below.



Frequently asked questions:

  • In order to get your Supervisors onboarded onto the programme, each supplier needs to nominate one or more administrators and register on MSite, a digital workforce management solution that can handle direct and indirect (subcontract) staff. MSite provides everyone on site with a digital identity and will ensure a smooth interface across all our site teams.
  • Your organisation’s administrator(s) are key to the Supervisors’ onboarding process.
    You will be contacted in due course by your procurement lead requesting one or more nominees to play the role of your MSite administrators.
  • The roll-out of the Supervisor Passport will take place in a phased approach. If you are part of the first participating cohort, you should have heard back from the procurement team by 13 November to nominate your MSite Administrator. 
    Next cohorts you will be contacted in January - March 2024 and should be onboarded by 8 April 2024.
  • Your MSite administrator will soon be contacted by the Balfour Beatty IT team to finalise the set-up process.
    Administrators will need to set up a user account in MSite, take part in a mandatory webinar and a briefing run by the Balfour Beatty IT and MSite teams.
  • Administrators will then set up Supervisors’ accounts, upload their competencies and send an onboarding invite to their organisation’s Supervisors.
  • For any urgent queries about your nominated administrator (for example, if you need to change who this is) please get in touch with your procurement lead.
  • Once the Passport is live on 7 November, Supervisors will receive a set of two emails navigating them through the process, including an MSite induction, a multi-factor authentication (MFA) request and a Supervisor Passport log-in request. It is mandatory for all users to confirm their personal details and get authenticated. How-to guides will be available for the MFA requests and the Passport log-in process in this communication.
  • If you encounter any issues or have further questions, please get in touch with your MSite administrator in the first instance. 

1. Current Supervisors

  • Once a Supervisor is onboarded onto the Passport scheme, they have one month to complete the first five modules and three months to complete the following five. For example, if you are part of the first cohort being onboarded from 7 November 2023, your first five modules will be due on 7 December, and the following seven modules will be due on 7 February 2024. 

2. New Supervisors

  • Any new Supervisors joining your team following the Supervisor Passport roll-out must complete the first five modules before they have started their Supervisor job on a Balfour Beatty site. The following seven modules will need to be completed within the first three months after they have starter their Supervisor job.   
  • You must individually register onto the Supervisor Passport programme to prove that you are ready to undertake your duties on site

    Please note that only courses that have been taken via the Balfour Beatty External Learning Management System (LMS) platform will be recorded on the Supervisors individual profile. If you have undertaken a training course outside of the Balfour Beatty External LMS platform (for example in a face-to-face training), then a re-take via the LMS is necessary.