We provide a range of laser measurement and software monitoring systems and services. These are provided individually to meet specific requirements or in combination as part of a holistic offering. We also supply equipment for those infrastructure controllers who wish to operate their own testing and monitoring regimes.

Balfour Beatty's range of software, such as DataMap™, AssetView™ and ClearRoute™, help visualise infrastructure condition and enhance maintenance planning.

Gauging services

Our gauging team provide a complete gauging service from feasibility study to high accuracy survey and site validation. Our experienced engineers provide:

  • Feasibility studies (new routes and/or new vehicles)
  • Vehicle Modelling
  • VAB Clearances
  • HyperRoute™ analysis
  • ClearRoute™ analysis
  • Gauging Survey Optioneering
  • On Site verification

Through the use of HyperRoute™ we are able to undertake large scale projects in a fraction of the time.


LaserSweep™ is a versatile and portable measurement system for measuring the spatial position of railway structures and features and determining clearances on both mainline networks and metro systems. The product has been extensively used on Network Rail and London Underground infrastructure.

  • Very high accuracy of +/- 1.5mm (to 2 sd) 
  • All-weather operation
  • Day or night time use
  • Excellent reflectivity ensures reliable profile measurement
  • Our next generation LaserSweep™ offers a new slim lightweight design, improved battery performance and is fully insulated for use on third rail systems.

For more information see our LaserSweep™ brochure


LaserFleX™ is a modular system for measuring railway infrastructure, track and clearances. The system combines ultimate performance - in terms of accuracy, configurability and ease of use – with versatility of data output. It supports a range of vehicle platforms from trolley through road-rail vehicle to train mounted and can operate at a range of speeds. LaserFleX™ can be configured for all-weather use and is intended primarily for night operation.

  • Trolley or train mounted
  • High speed
  • High accuracy digital system
  • Integral track geometry measurement
  • No moving parts
  • Clearance measurement
  • Asset recording
  • Asset change management

For more information see our LaserFleX™ brochure

Track Geometry

Attended Track Geometry

A dedicated measurement train can record and compute not only the required parameters but also other asset condition information. This could include for example structure gauging, OHL condition and conductor rail alignment.

  • Proven technology
  • Wide history of application
  • Traditional geometry reports

Unattended Track Geometry

An asset condition monitoring system fitted to standard passenger trains to provide a frequent track measurement service, allowing the user to identify growing track faults and intervene accordingly. This system can also monitor the effectiveness of any remedial work and manage the infrastructure in a proactive manner without the need for dedicated measurement trains.

  • Efficient use of service trains
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Frequent track monitoring
  • Intelligent run synchronisation
  • Predictive and proactive maintenance

For more information see our Track Geometry brochure

Overhead Line monitoring

The transmission of power from an overhead line system is vital to many traction systems, so damage or deterioration must be addressed to ensure continuity of service. Our overhead line measurement and monitoring system can identify problems such as pantograph impacts, stagger, contact force, wire tension and their location.

  • Service train application
  • Part of dedicated measurement train
  • Unobtrusive
  • Large cost saving

For more information see our Overhead Line monitoring brochure

Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Testing

We can deliver the 8000SX™ Ultrasonic testing system as an inspection service, incorporating the benefits of our wider rail knowledge and total infrastructure care capabilities. Alternatively, our flexible approach means we can supply testing equipment (train borne, road rail vehicle, trailer mounted or walking stick mounted) for infrastructure controllers who wish to operate their own testing regimes.

RTI 8000SX™ is proven technology is now in its third generation form and used by a growing international client base across mainline, metro and heavy haul operators.

For more information see our Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Testing brochure

Data Loggers

We provide a dedicated range of data loggers for alerting and condition monitoring applications. Each logger in the ALERT™ range is specifically designed for the relevant application with an XML data output compatible with the UK intelligent infrastructure initiative.

  • Relay ALERT™ - relay based interlockings and level crossings monitoring
  • SSI ALERT™ - SSI based interlockings and level crossings monitoring
  • PCM ALERT™ - point machines monitoring
  • ELD ALERT™ - earth leakage on supply cables monitoring
  • TC ALERT™ - AC and DC track circuits monitoring
  • IBJ ALERT™ - insulated block joints monitoring

The ALERT™ range of data loggers has been designed to be compact, easily configured and installed on site with a user friendly interface and a choice of communication links.

For more information, click on the links above to download datasheets for our ALERT™ range.

Specialist Signalling Services

We offer a range of signalling testing and monitoring services including design, installation, commissioning and testing. This is complimented with bespoke training packages and a team of dedicated hardware and software developers.

  • External equipment simulation
  • Panel and lever frame simulation
  • Geographical set testing
  • Signalling monitoring system design
  • Installation, commissioning & testing
  • Bespoke training packages
  • Bespoke hardware & software development
  • Assistance in benefit realisation

For more information, see our Signalling Products and Services brochure