Biodiversity services

Biodiversity services

Biodiversity is fast taking centre stage in corporate sustainability strategies with many companies
setting Net Gain targets.

Biodiversity Net Gain

Aiming for Biodiversity Net Gain demonstrates leadership and sends a clear message that the company takes sustainability seriously. Our expert consultancy services support clients to set and achieve Net Gain efficiently and effectively.

We develop corporate strategies, management systems and training programmes. We provide tools to monitor losses and gains in biodiversity throughout a project’s lifecycle and road maps showing each stage of the Net Gain process.

Leading the industry in biodiversity services

We work with a variety of customers, from multi-national companies to small family-owned firms, offering a bespoke approach for each individual project.

Balfour Beatty is the lead contributing author on the UK's first Good Practice Principles on Biodiversity Net Gain.

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Further information on Biodiversity Net Gain

Explaining Biodiversity Net Gain scoring

How is the Net Gain score of a project calculated?

Click to enlarge or download this explanatory infographic to find out more.

Biodiversity Net Gain Infographic

Explaining Biodiversity and Natural Capital

Calculating the Biodiversity Net Gain and Natural Capital values of a project's footprint helps us understand the unseen natural benefits of a piece of land.

Click to enlarge or download this infographic to find out more.

Ecosystem Services infographic

Natural Capital Benefits

This infographic shows the Natural Capital Benefits of Biodiversity Net Gain (in financial values) for a transport upgrade scheme.

Click to enlarge or download this infographic to find out more.

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A road map to Biodiversity Net Gain

Read our latest public policy paper 'A Better Balance' here.

Net Gain for Biodiversity and People

Symposium: Ensuring Net Gain for Biodiversity and People

20 Nov 2018

Ensuring Net Gain for biodiversity and people