Volunteering to support a local butterfly reserve

A team of volunteers from Gammon, our 50:50 joint venture in Hong Kong, have helped to repair a network of footpaths at the Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve which had deteriorated due to wear and erosion. The reverse is located in a forested ravine just 2km from Tai Po in the New Territories and is an important habitat for more than 240 species of butterfly.

As the volunteering project got underway, members of Gammon’s Next Generation Sustainability Panel and Young Professionals Group set about developing a solution to repair the footpaths sustainably. They sourced waste concrete from a number of Gammon construction sites, designed and created moulds and produced concrete pavers at Gammon’s in-house batching plant.

During the three-month project, 130 employees volunteered every Saturday to restore the 155-metre-long footpath, preparing the ground before laying around 1,800 pavers, with a further 900 stored on-site for future use.


volunteering hours delivered


pavers produced from waste concrete