Change of registrar

Balfour Beatty is in the process of changing share registrar from Link Group to Equiniti Group (EQ). Over the next few weeks, you will receive further information – there is nothing you need to do just now, and you should continue to contact Link Group using your current details. Once migrated, EQ will send you relevant details to ensure you can access your share records.

We are aiming to transfer over to EQ by early June 2022. Please visit this page for regular updates and timings.

In the meantime, please read through our FAQ’s below to learn more about EQ and how this move affects you.   

Who are the Equiniti Group (EQ)?

EQ are an international technology-led services and payments specialist and the UK’s leading provider of share registration, nominee and employee share plan services.

EQ work with businesses of all sizes, including 70% of the FTSE 100. Today, EQ manage over 20 million shareholder accounts, send £90 billion in payments each year and look after 1.3 million share plan investors.

Why are we changing registrar?

Your shares in Balfour Beatty plc are administered by a share registrar. They send out share statements, process dividend payments, keep a record of any shares you buy and sell, and do lots of other things to keep everything running smoothly. This is an important part of our service to you – so we want to make sure our shareholders have the best user experience.

How will the move affect you?

Your holding information will be transferred from Link Group to EQ. This includes any dividend mandate instructions and/or election to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP).

Please note your share certificates remain valid so please keep these safe, you need take no further action.

What if I need to get in touch before or after the move?

You should still contact the shareholder services team at Link Group using the current contact details. If you send any letters or emails to Link before the move, they will deal with your query as usual.

A welcome letter from EQ will be sent to you shortly after the move, and any new contact details will be referenced in this.