Systems and structure

Our management systems for safety, health and environmental policy operate both at Group and business unit level.

Corporate system

The Chief Executive has ultimate responsibility for business integrity, safety, health and environment as well as for overall business performance and reports to the Board on these matters.
Safety, health and environmental policy and monitoring performance against it, is developed by the Board, operating on advice and support from the Director of Operational Delivery. 

The Chief Executive personally conducts a review of the most serious events – fatalities and other serious safety, quality or environmental incidents.  

We operate under one Group-wide Risk Management Policy supported by common set of requirements and guidance. Good practice in safety, health and environment is shared across all operating units via our Global Intranet '360', Fatal Risk Forums, Safety & Health Executive Leadership Group and Sustainability Leads Forum. 

Business Units

Our Business Units work in a decentralised and devolved way, but within the Group principles and policy framework.  

Business Unit Managing Directors and their Boards are responsible for communicating and implementing Group policy within their sphere of operations, and for legal compliance. Each business unit has nominated directors with specific interests in safety, health and the environment, supported by company Safety Boards and/or Environmental Steering Groups. Qualified safety and environmental advisers provide relevant expertise and advice.