COVID-19 Response

Balfour Beatty’s strategy for responding to COVID-19 aims to ensure that we:

  1. Keep people safe
  2. Continue to build and maintain the infrastructure the country relies on
  3. Keep cash flowing through the supply chain
  4. Retain capability

The health, safety and wellbeing of all those who work with and for us, as well as the general public, is always our priority.

The COVID-19 crisis is continuously evolving, and we will continue to develop our approach and keep all of our stakeholders updated.  Our Group Crisis Management Team meets regularly to understand the evolving situation and to enable Balfour Beatty to respond swiftly to any changes.

We support the UK Government’s position to allow the construction and infrastructure industry – key to our economy and people’s daily lives – to continue operating where it can do so safely.  

Our sites and contracts remain operational where we are able to appropriately implement Balfour Beatty’s COVID-19 Site Operating Procedures, issued on 20 May 2020, which are fully aligned to the latest UK Government guidelines to ensure the continued health, safety and wellbeing of all those who work for and with us.

Where projects and contracts are temporarily closed or schemes paused as a direct result of COVID-19, we have adopted the UK Government’s Job Retention Scheme – Furlough – which we have enhanced in the short-term.  As to be expected under current market conditions, our approach will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Further detail around our approach to business continuity in these unprecedented times:

  • Our Crisis Management Team, chaired by our Group Chief Executive has been mobilised
  • We have a business wide Working Group in place, exploring all aspects of the impact and potential impact of COVID-19 on our business
  • We are preparing for potential, future eventualities in light of COVID-19 so that we can respond swiftly should the current situation evolve
  • We have ring fenced key supplies and are monitoring the situation daily
  • All of our projects have business continuity arrangements in place
  • Our accounting services centre in Newcastle, which is responsible for the processing of all payments, has implemented its business continuity plan and through electronic invoicing and electronic approvals we are striving to pay our supply chain in a timely manner
  • To support increased remote working, we provided additional support for staff including the roll-out of Microsoft Teams and further improving our inter connectivity
  • We have undergone a thorough test of our IT systems to ensure that those employees working from home are fully able to do so with minimal disruption to business as usual. As part of our business continuity plans, we have back-up procedures in place
  • We are communicating with our employees on a daily basis with the latest advice and guidance and additional measures that Balfour Beatty is taking to protect our business.
  • You can read our Group Chief Executive, Leo Quinn’s COVID-19 blogs to our employees below: