Railway sleepers and timbers

Balfour Beatty supplies a wide range of railway sleepers and timbers for use in all environments.

We provide hardwood, softwood, concrete and steel sleepers for mainline and sidings installations. We also offer timbers in varying lengths for use in switches and crossings. Different types of timber treatments are available to suit a range of environments.

We also offer various grades of wooden sleeper for use in silo bays, roadways and landscaping.

A cutting service is available for works that require non-standard size railway sleepers. This includes narrow gauge and light railway environments, or general landscaping projects.

Our stock includes:

  • New/serviceable hardwood sleepers 2600 x 250 x 130mm (various grades)
  • New/serviceable softwood sleepers 2600 x 250 x 125mm (various grades)
  • New/serviceable hardwood timbers (2.400m to 6.000m+)
  • New/serviceable hardwood timbers (2.400m to 6.000m+)
  • Serviceable F23/F24/F27/F40 concrete sleepers
  • New softwood landscaping sleeper 2400 x 200 x 100mm (green treated)

For more information please email us or call 0114 241 5000.