Electrification tunnel solutions and supplies

Electrification tunnel solutions and supplies

Product information


We have a range of innovative solutions to improve clearances for electrification in structures where available space is limited. Particular problem areas are bridges and tunnels, where the cost of modifying the structure or the track can be very expensive and the track possession time to do the work is very disruptive.

Used on their own or in combination these solutions can provide a significant amount of additional space, minimising the need modifying structures and saving electrification costs.

How it works

We offer two primary solutions for tunnel electrification works: XiTRACK and reduced depth conductor beams.

XiTRACK is a unique polyurethane ballast reinforcement product developed by Omnicom Balfour Beatty to solve track quality problems. It holds ballast in place while a structure is created in order to improve clearance. As track is less prone to lateral and vertical movement, the track fixity classification can be increased from low to medium or high. This allows reduced clearance requirements to be used, typically freeing up tens of millimetres of additional space.

XiTRACK works by applying controlled amounts of liquid polyurethane onto the ballast surface. The polymer runs through the ballast and sets within a few seconds. The result is a layer of reinforced ballast with pre-designed engineering properties and thickness.

Reduced depth conductor beams provide a robust, easily constructed, low maintenance solution where space is at a premium.

The beam is supplied in sections with a hollow extruded aluminium profile which can be cut to length and joined using bolted splice plates, forming a continuous beam into which an un-tensioned conventional contact wire is inserted. The beams increased short circuit rating provides a more robust solution and electrical sectioning is achieved by creating an air gap between two sections of beam, avoiding traditional section insulators, which are a common source of maintenance issues.

Key features


  • Rapid curing – typically sets in seconds
  • Ballast still freely drains after treatment
  • High fixity can be achieved using ballasted track components
  • Full Network Rail Product Acceptance

Reduced depth conductor beams:

  • Lightweight design
  • Un-tensioned contact wire eliminates the need for bulky tensioning devices and increases lifespan



  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Very long service life
  • Improved ballast stress management
  • Prevention of ballast migration
  • Increased ballast life
  • Reduced track maintenance

Reduced depth conductor beams:

  • Minimal maintenance due to fewer moving parts
  • Reduced wear on the beams extends lifespan by 10%
  • Reduced wear on pantograph carbon strip, as beams are installed laterally rather than staggered
  • Improved interaction between pantograph and contact wire