Balfour Beatty provides a comprehensive range of signalling monitoring hardware, software and services.


Our industry leading AssetView™ software system optimises the use of data recorded from data loggers and event recorders on the rail infrastructure to promote a ‘predict and prevent’ culture. This secure, web-based asset management system is compatible with most data loggers and allows the user to remotely identify trends in the recorded data to provide improvements in asset performance, reduce maintenance requirements and reduce costs associated with train delays. By using the real time track map replay facility, significant reductions can also be made in the costs incurred for fault investigations.

  • Web based system with no additional software required
  • Tabular and graphical displays
  • Configurable alert table
  • Full track map replay option available
  • Ability to save and export data, graphs and track maps
  • Ability to send scheduled reports, SMS and text messages
  • Full system support

For more information see our AssetView datasheet or the AssetView high level overview


Data Loggers

We provide a dedicated range of data loggers for alerting and condition monitoring applications. Each logger in the ALERT™ range is specifically designed for the relevant application with an XML data output compatible with the UK intelligent infrastructure initiative.

  • Relay ALERT™ - relay based interlockings and level crossings monitoring
  • SSI ALERT™ - SSI based interlockings and level crossings monitoring
  • PCM ALERT™ - point machines monitoring
  • ELD ALERT™ - earth leakage on supply cables monitoring
  • TC ALERT™ - AC and DC track circuits monitoring
  • IBJ ALERT™ - insulated block joints monitoring

The ALERT™ range of data loggers has been designed to be compact, easily configured and installed on site with a user friendly interface and a choice of communication links.

For more information, click on the links above to download datasheets for our ALERT™ range.

Specialist signalling services

We offer a range of signalling testing and monitoring services including design, installation, commissioning and testing. This is complimented with bespoke training packages and a team of dedicated hardware and software developers.

  • External equipment simulation
  • Panel and lever frame simulation
  • Geographical set testing
  • Signalling monitoring system design
  • Installation, commissioning & testing
  • Bespoke training packages
  • Bespoke hardware & software development
  • Assistance in benefit realisation

For more information, see our Signalling Products and Services brochure


Signalling testing

CATS™ is a Computer Aided Testing System to meet the varied requirements of testing and commissioning of any type of relay based interlocking. This Windows based software package assists in all stages of the testing process and helps to locate faults quickly to reduce testing time and associated costs.

  • Reduced testing time
  • Increased labour efficiency
  • Increased safety
  • Improved testing records for audit purposes
  • Computerised exercising of new signalling installations
  • Rapid scenario testing

For more information, see our CATS™ datasheet

Point machine monitoring

A combination of the RCM840 data logger and our flexible, user friendly AssetView™ web based software system allows all relevant parameters on most types of points to be monitored. The analogue and digital channels can be configured to monitor current, voltage, force and temperature and display the information in tabular and graphical forms to assist in trend analysis.

  • Compact and easy to install
  • User friendly, flexible web based software system
  • Compatible with most types of points
  • Configurable alert table
  • Graphical displays for easy trend analysis
  • Improves safety and asset life
  • Reduces train delays and asset failures