Our products

We provide a range of innovative inspection and monitoring products.

These include:


A safe and accurate alternative to site visits, OmniInspector saves time and lowers costs by allowing you to monitor and maintain the condition of your network infrastructure: all from the safety of your office.

OmniInspector is a powerful tool which records hi-resolution imagery from linear and Real World positions. Mounted on any vehicle, OmniInspector allows images from several different angles to be captured, creating a detailed picture that is available to view within hours of processing.

If you simply need to view forward facing imagery and the network map, please consider OmniInspector HD.
For more information about OmniInspector and OmniInspector HD and how they can improve visibility at your site, call us on +44 (0)1904 778100 or click here to see a short video demonstration.

Key benefits

  • Multiple views, marks features, zoom facility (available only in OmniInspector)
  • Creates accurate, consistent and exportable files (available only in OmniInspector)
  • Safe and reduces disruption to services
    Significantly reduces cost
  • Data available quickly & can be reused


A compact unit designed to be simply installed onto any vehicle (rail or road) and provide continuous location information even in tunnels.

Using a network model, GNSS and on-board sensors, OmniRTPS provides a linear and Real World position, accurate to + / – 1 metre.
OmniRTPS replaces traditional, manually operated devices, which rely on backup vehicles. It can also interface with on board monitoring and maintenance equipment, creating an automated reference model for specific areas.

For more information about OmniRTPS and how it can simplify your maintenance tasks, call us on +44 (0)1904 778100 to speak to an engineer or arrange a demonstration.

Key benefits

  • Location accurate to within ± 1m
  • Repeated analysis of reported position
  • Detects changes in underlying network model
    Fully integrates with third party systems
  • Positions maintenance trains including Grinders, Tampers and Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs)


Inspect your Network with state-of-the-art, high resolution images delivered to your desktop within hours.

Our award-winning system combines high resolution cameras and pattern recognition software, offering a revolutionary advance in technology for inspecting, mapping and monitoring of difficult to access areas. Eight hours of data can be captured at speeds over 160km/h and processed within 48 hours.

Using OmniVision creates a quality, digital record of infrastructure, building up an auditable and qualitative database. This means less manual inspections, less impact on services and more control of resources.
To discover more about OmniVision, click here for a video demonstration or talk to one of our engineers on +44 (0)1904 778100.

Key benefits

  • Conduct inspections in a safe environment
  • Build an auditable record of infrastructure
  • Cameras can capture data at high speed whilst retaining high resolution
  • Used by Network Rail


Digital Imaging for Condition Asset Monitoring (DIFCAM) satisfies the demand for a safe, efficient and automated method of carrying out basic visual inspections.

Developed initially to give safer access to rail tunnels, it can be adapted to carry out inspections on other types of networks or structures. DIFCAM effectively eliminates the risk of manual inspections in hazardous environments, massively reducing costs over time.

The system captures a complete visual record of almost any structure, as well as a 3D model. Using a high-grade inertial guidance platform, these datasets combine to produce a high quality 3D representation of the asset as well as indexing the raw data for later analysis.

This data builds into a historic record which can be continually compared and analysed, identifying changes in the location. Any potential new defects or deterioration, for example cracks, spalling or bulging, are pin pointed quickly and safely.

Our DIFCAM platform demonstrates world-class application of optical technology, resulting in: improved safety, faster inspections and more cost effective asset maintenance.
For more information, please see the dedicated DIFCAM project website.

Key benefits

  • Fast data capture
  • Direct inspection-to-inspection comparison
  • Full record of structure
  • Frees up the time of experienced inspectors
  • Reduction in cost and improvement in workforce safety
  • Richer, more detailed spatial data
  • Modular architecture

Track Locator®

The Track Locator app determines its current location on the UK rail network using the standard rail referencing system of ‘Engineering Line Reference and Mileage’.

The application uses its own Location Service and converts this to a railway reference using Omnicom Balfour Beatty’s existing Geo-Model of the rail network.

The app uses your device’s native mapping service to show the current location on a fully scalable map. It allows the user to take a picture, stamped with that location, including latitude, longitude (of the current location) and map matched ELR, mileage, latitude, longitude and also the user location to matched position difference.

The images are saved to the Camera Roll or Gallery for easy access. The rail reference is only displayed once a suitable location determination has been achieved. This is currently set at better than 100m.

If you have ideas on additional uses and developments for our Track Locator app, we would be happy to discuss them with you. Please contact us via the contact form on our home page or on +44 (0)1904 778 100.

Key benefits

  • Real time accurate track position
  • Images stamped with positional information
  • Conversion between yards and chainage

To download: 

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Bring the Network infrastructure to your desktop: no site visits, no schedule disruptions, no risk to engineers’ safety. Mounted cameras and lasers record data at normal traffic speed, creating a virtual model of any network, including overhead objects and tunnels.

The captured data builds a comprehensive, fixed position picture over large areas. It can also pinpoint details in high resolution, allowing for safe, accurate measurements, inventory and simulations to take place without the need for site visits.
Need to output stills, integrate with third-party systems, overlay historic data or create reports? Data from OmniSurveyor3D can be provided in multiple formats, all accessed from the convenience of your desktop.

For more information about OmniSurveyor3D and how it can transform your world, call us on +44 (0)1904 778100 or click here to see a short video demonstration.

Key benefits

  • Practically eliminates the need for site visits, reducing disruption and costs
  • Create a virtual model of the surroundings, even overlay and manipulate objects
  • Useful desk-based training tool
    Create reports and extract stills
  • Provision of European Train Control System (ETCS), European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and Positive Train Control (PTC)