Product information


OmniSurveyor3D® gives you the network information you need, on your desktop, without any site visits, scheduled disruptions or risks to engineers’ safety.

How it works

Using cameras and lasers mounted to a vehicle, OmniSurveyor3D records data, at normal traffic speed, to create a virtual model of any network, including overhead lines, tunnels and structures.

The data captured builds up a comprehensive, fixed point, position over large areas. It can also pinpoint details in high resolution  allowing for accurate measurements, inventory and simulations to take place without the need for site visits. 

To make the survey data easy to work with, it can be output as still images and provided in multiple formats for integration with third party systems and interrogation from you’re the safety of your desktop.

Key features

  • Easily identify the accurate geographic and linear position/dimensions of assets
  • Via a Virtual Reality headset, users can visit site in true 3D for planning and design
  • Build up a comprehensive geospatial/linear database of assets
  • Overlay third party condition data (e.g. track geometry or GPR information) within the video to provide a visual context to its network location and surrounding environment
  • Overlay and manipulate virtual objects within the video and laser views
  • Undertake signal sighting using built-in signal sighting tool
  • Undertake office-based driver route learning
  • Export spatially-referenced imagery for use with standard GIS/Asset management systems
  • Undertake infrastructure to vehicle gauging analysis


  • Significant reductions in the need for site visits, reducing safety risks and costs
  • Creates a virtual model of the surroundings for stakeholder engagement and overlaying of objects
  • Can be used as a desk-based training tool
  • Creates reports and extracts still images
  • Provision of European Train Control Systems (ETCS), European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and Positive Train Control (PTC)