Product introduction


OmniRTPS® is a real-time positioning system designed to provide continuous spatial and linear position information. It replaces traditional manually-operated systems that are used on most vehicles and provides infrastructure owners and fleet managers with a standard positioning reference for the various measuring systems and services they use. In the UK, the system also generates the engineer’s line reference, track identifier and mileage.

The self-contained, compact unit is designed to operate with minimal or no human intervention, making it easy to install onto a rail vehicle. 

How it works

OmniRTPS calculates it’s spatial and linear position through a close-coupled GPS / inertial measurement system, a railway track centreline model and map matching. This allows it to generate continuous linear and spatial position track location with a typical accuracy of within 1m, even in areas of poor satellite coverage such as tunnels and cuttings.


  • Support for industry standard interfaces (RS232/485/Ethernet)
  • Optional mapping front end for easy viewing of location and status information
  • Accurate and stable synchronisation signals
  • High performance GNSS
  • Optional spatial analysis tools to visualise data
  • User-configurable outputs


  • Position accuracy – within 1m, 95% confidence level
  • Positions can be repeated run on run to assist with trend analysis
  • Easily integrates with other systems
  • Remote monitoring and activation
  • Real-time view for on-train staff
  • No loss of off-route recording data as position is always known
  • Modular architecture enables support of future inertial / GNSS units