OmniCapture 3D

OmniCapture 3D

Product information


OmniCapture3D is a fast and efficient tool that can help organisations unlock the value in their assets by capturing spatially accurate point cloud and image data.

The data provided is compatible with industry standard CAD tools and links directly with our award winning OmniSurveyor3D® software, giving users powerful visualisation and interaction with their data without having to go on site.

How it works

Commissioning the survey of any given part of a transportation network using the OmniCapture3D Portable Mobile Mapping System removes the need for manual surveying of the network. This reduces the safety risks presented by having a member of your team visit the site in person on what may be a busy part of the network. It also reduces the significant amounts of time and cost associated with manual surveying such as travelling to site and hire of equipment - all whilst providing a high quality set of data with real-life imagery to give context for the engineers and designers who are using the data captured.

Following completion of the survey, we can provide you with the data as you require it. This can include data being delivered in one large ‘data dump’ or divided into different sections to match parameters set out by you. Upon receipt of the data, you can use our OmniSurveyor3D software to create a virtual model of an area within which you can overlay and manipulate objects. You can also use the software to extract still images and to help create reports on the condition of an asset.

Surveying information

Our OmniCapture3D unit contains two high speed laser scanners, an inertial measurement unit and an imaging system that are fully synchronised to capture high density, high accuracy point cloud data. Each of the laser scanners records 1 million points per second with 200 line scans per second.

Once captured, this data is  data is seamlessly combined with data from the inertial measurement unit and dynamically compensated to ensure accuracy. The imaging system adds 4K, high definition, infrared or spherical views of the survey area to provide additional context and the unit can also interface with other measurement systems.

Key features

  • The two laser scanners, inertial measurement unit and imaging system are fully synchronised
  • Each laser scanner captures 1 million points per second with 200 line scans per second
  • Imagery captured in 4k, high definition, infrared or spherical views


  • Removes the need for manual surveying of the network, reducing safety risk, cost and time requirements.
  • High quality data is given context with real-life imagery
  • Data is provided to you in the format you require it
  • Using OmniSurveyor3D you can create a virtual model of an area from data captured
  • Compatible with industry standard CAD tools