Balfour Beatty offers a range of innovative solutions to improve clearances when installing overhead line electrification over existing railways. These avoid the need for costly and disruptive reconstruction works.

Used on their own or in combination, these solutions can provide a significant amount of additional space, minimising the need for structure modifications and making a considerable saving in the cost of electrification.

For more information, see our Electrification Clearance Solutions brochure

Cost effective track lowering and fixity improvements

Balfour Beatty’s XiTRACK and Embedded Rail System (ERS) can be used to provide cost effective track lowering and fixity improvements.

XiTRACK allows a significantly reduced under-sleeper ballast layer to be used freeing up valuable space. The very low height and absence of sleepers with ERS can provide a further increase in clearance of up to 150mm.

In addition, as track is less prone to lateral and vertical movement, the track fixity classification can be increased from low to medium or high. This allows reduced clearance requirements to be used, typically freeing up tens of millimetres of additional space.

Reduced depth conductor beams

Our reduced depth overhead conductor beams provide a robust, easily constructed, low maintenance solution where space is at a premium.

The beam is supplied in sections with a hollow extruded aluminium profile which can be cut to length and joined to form a continuous beam into which an un-tensioned conventional contact wire is inserted.

The lightweight design makes it easy to install and supports a production line approach. The use of un-tensioned contact wire eliminates the need for bulky tensioning devices, reducing the loading imposed onto the surrounding infrastructure and eliminating the use of tunnel niches to house the tension weight assemblies.

Accurate measurement of the true clearances needed

Balfour Beatty is a leading provider of products and services for the measurement of railway infrastructure and particularly for structure gauging. Options range from the latest rotary laser scanners to high speed laser triangulation systems for rail vehicles.

Our practical railway experience and knowledge of the standards and appropriate measurement systems means we can offer the most efficient and cost effective solution to any measurement need.

Our in-house software and data management systems provide the processing efficiencies and data quality control needed to meet Network Rail Standards and ensure results are provided in a format compatible with the National Gauging Database.