Talent management

Talent management

We attach a high profile to talent management – it’s our commitment to progression for our most talented people, so they choose to remain in the company and fulfil their potential with us.

Our commitment to the accelerated development of our most talented individuals is partly rooted in our need to deploy our resources effectively in light of the growing importance of collaboration across the Group.

Across Balfour Beatty, we have an integrated and ongoing process in place to identify and develop talent. The Group looks for people to take a degree of individual responsibility for their personal and career development, as well as to convey a broad responsibility to nurture and develop potential in all those who manage people in the business.

While overall responsibility for the effective management of potential rests with our Group Chief Executive and Executive team, we look to devolve responsibility across the organisation so that all leaders have a role in realising potential and retaining talent.

The Group undertakes formal reviews of our most talented people and their progression in the company on a regular basis. Notwithstanding the broad opportunities available to all our people, we are looking to see that the progression of our most talented people is rapid and in different areas of the company. While we expect to see an increasingly experienced, skilled and mobile workforce right across the Group, we anticipate the special measures we put in place to develop our most talented people will result in these people achieving leadership positions more quickly than their peers.

To realise our ambition of accelerated development for our talent, the Group has put in place the following:

  • A formal framework to promote the accelerated development of our most talented people, combined with regular monitoring and regular reviews to ensure that our approach is fair and not at odds with our broader commitment to the development of all our people.
  • A clear commitment to promote internally, where possible, to accelerate career progression in the company.
  • A clear commitment to invest disproportionately in the development and progression of our best people.