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We offer a range of expert services tailored to our customers' needs.

Our services include:


Our experienced engineers and developers will work with you to understand your business needs and help to you get tangible benefits from using our technologies. We’ll explain how our technology can improve both efficiency and safety for your business and provide training and demonstrations.

Digital Image Library

With 30,000km of rail track and 5,000km of road network imagery, our library is a valuable source of digital data. Data is available for specific sections or mileages of infrastructure assets and UK rail providers benefit from regular updates in order to maintain the safety of their network.


Our online portal provides access to images and valuable inspection information from across the UK rail network. The information rich catalogue is geospatially referenced with associated mapping or aerial imagery, its linear referencing engine allows users to navigate using familiar referencing systems.

Train locator

Using real time data from the rail network and train operations, the Train Locator tracks the position of virtually all traffic on the network. It improves visibility of what is happening on the network to allow for more efficient monitoring, even in areas where information systems is limited.